Camzilla Reads a Book

Camzilla Reads a Book.jpg

This was the "end"point for a college tennis volley just before I cut it down to fit into the notebook. I admit, I almost broke the rules and kept this because I liked it so much.  But!  The process is king!  So it got cut further down for the better good of the overall piece.

I think, too, I have inadvertently stumbled into a series as I love everything about this collage.  Black and white components make it feel so real that it lends a strong surreal quality I appreciate.

Now just to find more cameras.


National Geographic

The Hamburglar as an Engineer of the Revolution.

The Hamburglar as an Engineer of Revolution.jpg

Rob says that three elements makes a collage an i'm trying to focus on that.  I do so because it is an interesting constraint but also because I usually want to add just one thing too many to a particular collage.  That tends to water down the message.  


And what more do you need than a pink pussy hat to get your message across?


Time magazine
Gold-colored aluminum foil.

Landscape Jumpers Heading Down

Skydiving with the fishes or mammals or whatever.jpg

Dolphins and ladies in the sky.  See, more a general aquatic kick, no?  I had fun with bad visual puns as I cut out the figure's shirt and replaced it with a mountain range leftover from a different piece.  I then stuck her behind more mountains and valleys.  

The dolphins were more of a complication i'm still questioning.  I added it to make the whole thing more dynamic but that may have over-complicated it.  The woman with the mountain range and the valley background may have been enough.  who knows?


Target catalog

Deep Blue Sea book


Through the looking glass

We asked you to stop nicely

Imagine there were 46 people and some horses and some bread I guess