W.J. Ringland

Will is a writer, rope maker, and paper collage artist from Madison Wisconsin. It's too cold to go outside so all of his hobbies keep him indoors and safe from dying of exposure.

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A blog about character in the modern world.

Custom dyed rope for you and your rope bunny.

Instagram @Angrybunnyman

Dutcher 2.jpg

B. Rob Dutcher

Rob is a barista, photographer, and artist in Madison, Wisconsin. He is fascinated by epistolary narrative, leading to meandering artistic pursuits.

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Rob's postcard art.

Instagram @Baristapowers.


Alyska Bailey

Photographer. Feminist. Forager. Unabashed cat lady. Specialist in trivia & tangents. Rocking chronic illness. Often contrary & ever an enabler.

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Find her handmade, foraged goods on Instagram @PetrichorTradingCo.

Her personal Instagram @Alyska.


Carley Doty

Carley is a barista, artist, and chronic hobby jumper from Madison, Wisconsin.  She is currently exploring block printing and carving cute cat stamps.

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Find her handmade goods on Instagram @Thatcuriousgirl.


Courtney Chancellor

Courtney is a raccoon with a very limited web presence. The only reason there's a picture here is because Will ambushed her with his camera. She's probably busy scaling very large rocks or riding her bike for 50+ miles.

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You can find her... On instagram? Maybe @WeirdScienceByC?